return {
	["RESISTANCE"] = "Resistance",
	["RES"] = "Resistance",
	["HP"] = "Health Point",
	["ATTACK POWER"] = "Attack Power",
	["ATTACK"] = "Attack Power",
	["ATK"] = "Attack Power",
	["ATK POW"] = "Attack Power",
	["DEFENSE"] = "Defense",
	["DEF"] = "Defense",
	["ATTACK SPEED"] = "Attack Speed",
	["SPEED"] = "Attack Speed",
	["ATK SPD"] = "Attack Speed",
	["SPD"] = "Attack Speed",
	["CRITICAL RATE"] = "Critical Rate",
	["CRI RATE"] = "Critical Rate",
	["CRI"] = "Critical Rate",
	["CR"] = "Critical Rate",
	["ACCURACY"] = "Accuracy",
	["ACC"] = "Accuracy",
	["CRITICAL DAMAGE"] = "Critical Damage",
	["CRI DMG"] = "Critical Damage",
	["CD"] = "Critical Damage",
	["#DEFAULT"] = "Health Point",
	[""] = "",

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